Driving Innovation and Research for a Sustainable Future

SR-247 Centre in Temuco

The SR-247 R&D Centre at CIDLA is dedicated to fostering innovation through cutting-edge research and development. We collaborate with leading experts and institutions to advance technological solutions that address societal challenges.

Research Areas

At CIDLA’s SR-247 R&D Centre, our research areas focus on addressing key challenges through the use of advanced technologies and innovative approaches.

AI and Machine Learning

We develop intelligent systems that learn and adapt to improve efficiency and accuracy in a variety of fields, from healthcare to industrial automation.

Big Data and Analytics

We use advanced techniques to analyze large volumes of data, providing valuable insights that inform strategic decision making across multiple industries.

Sustainable Technologies

We develop technological solutions that minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable development, ensuring a greener and cleaner future.

Digital Health

We innovate in the integration of digital technologies in health care, improving access, quality and efficiency of health services.

Digital Ethics

We research and promote ethical practices in the use of digital technologies, ensuring privacy, security and fairness in the digital age.

Digital Education

We promote the use of digital tools and platforms to improve education and learning, adapting to the needs of students and educators in a connected world.

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