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Digital Teaching 2023

Deep Learning in the Digital Age

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5 Weeks

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The last 15 years have been marked by accelerated transformations in all aspects of life, the ways in which we relate, communicate, bond and learn are reconfigured and are in constant tension. Educational systems as a whole are not exempt from these complex processes of transition and technological transformation, which brings with it the challenge of integrating and making proper use of digital technology tools in learning contexts; however, it is also an opportunity to renew the paradigms that support the educational process with a view to achieving deep and significant learning in the digital age.

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This journey is a first approach to the learning paradigms and methodologies of the digital age, allowing course participants to know and implement effective methodologies in their educational contexts that are conducive to facilitating the learning process of their students in the digital age. Connectivism as a theoretical framework of reference for this journey is an invitation to restructure our relationships, practices and tasks as teachers, rethinking the use of technologies to move from a purely instrumental perspective to the co-construction of digital educational ecosystems.

The 4-week journey is intended to be a first approach to digital teaching, for which the educational community will have available educational capsules, learning resources and interdisciplinary professional accompaniment. It is expected that at the end of the journey, the student will be able to know and implement the essential scientific and technological bases to teach in digital learning ecosystems effectively.


Recognize and apply essential scientific and technological knowledge to promote the development of deep and significant learning in digital learning environments.


  1. Know the theoretical bases of learning in the digital age
  2. Recognize opportunities for the implementation of learning models typical of the digital age in various educational contexts
  3. Identify the key aspects to promote deep and significant learning in digital educational ecosystems
  4. Know scientific and technological standards in the selection and use of digital tools for learning
  5. Develop leadership to facilitate and empower digital educational communities


This journey is aimed at people who work as teachers or adult educators, either in a technical training centre, universities or other public and private organizations that perform this function.

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